Dave Grohl Explains How He Didn’t Date Christina

Debbie Bento of Chart Attack caught up with frontman Dave Grohl to have him clear up reports that he had dated Christina Aguilera. “So, we met and we’re like ‘Hi, how are you?’ And whatever — that was it,” Grohl recalled. “Then this one morning I was at home and my phone starts ringing at, like, 8:30 in the morning. Just ringing off the fu**ing hook. My girlfriend gets up to get it cuz she’s trying to sleep. I get up and she says ‘Guess why people are calling you all morning? The local radio station’s saying you’re dating Christina Aguilera.'” He continued, “I’m like ‘WHAAAT?!’ So I fu**in’ called the radio station and I was just like ‘Hey, this is Dave Grohl and I hear you guys are sayin’ that and can you please STOP?’ They’re like ‘So, is it true?’ I’m like ‘No! It’s not true!'” Chartattack.com has since removed the article.

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