Dave Grohl A Studio Fixture While Ash Recorded ‘Meltdown’

drummer Rick McMurray spoke with Australia’s Beat magazine about getting visited by frontman Dave Grohl while recording their latest album ‘Meltdown’. “Yeah, it was pretty freaky,” McMurray said. “I think the Foo Fighters had just finished doing their tour for their last album just as we were starting the record, and Dave’s really good friends with [Nick Rasculincz, the producer of ‘Meltdown’]. I think he was just bored really; he’d just pop down the studio once a week, coming in, checking out what were we up to. By the end of it he was in the studio air drumming to Clones, and it was just the weirdest situation. But it was really cool just having him around; he’d invite us up to barbeques up at his house, so it was a pretty good time.”

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