Dark Past Evident In Wil Francis’ Songwriting

Aiden singer Wil Francis has survived through rough periods in his life struggling with addiction and being homeless, and those themes ooze through the band’s three albums, all which Francis wrote as the group’s sole songwriter. “It’s not because I sit down and go ‘I want to write songs about being dark or evil’,” he tells Time Off magazine’s Paul Donoughue. “That’s my past, that’s a monumental time and period and place that I lived through. I come up with songs and fu**ing ditties and whatever, and I’ll bring them to the band. Most time it’ll be like a chorus, or a chorus and a verse, and they’ll be either like ‘That sucks’ or ‘That’s pretty cool, let’s try something’. Coming from the gutter, where I was homeless and shooting up, to being in a band and meeting amazing people – I can’t forget where I come from. That sh** just kind of comes out.” Aiden are currently touring in support of their third release ‘Conviction’. The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

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