Dani Filth Has Learned To Laugh At Cradle Of Filth’s Critics

Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth spoke with Beat magazine in a Q&A, where the 35-year-old was asked about the metal band’s detractors and if it’s poisoned his faith in humanity. “Occasionally, yeah. But then, that was a while ago,” Dani responded. “Nowadays I just laugh at it. I read a review the other day, and the guy obviously had a real problem with the band, because he gave the new album literally half a point. And I just laughed. Whereas ages ago, I would have thought, ‘You bastard! How dare you!’ Nowadays I just laugh, because I’d rather people be talking about the band than not talking about us at all. And I guess that’s better than just remaining anonymous. Or mediocre.”

The full interview at beat.com.au has since been removed.

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