Dando Solo Effort Turns Into The Lemonheads Reformation

spoke with Time Off magazine about The returning after disbanding in 1996, this time joined by punk veterans Bill Stevenson and Karl Alvarez. “There was just a lot of interest and a lot of people saying ‘Why don’t you do another Lemonheads record?’,” he explained. “Including people like [Australian former bassist] Nic Dalton, who always said ‘You should do a solo album or two and then do another Lemonheads record’. I really wanted to, but the songs dictated it, really. And then when I found the perfect band to record it with, I wasn’t going to call it a solo album because it was a consistent band throughout the whole record, and they were willing to be on a Lemonheads record, so why not? And there’s been so much history and so much water under the bridge that I really wanted to keep the band name alive.” The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

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