Customs Delay & Poor Sales Prompted G N’ R Cancellation

New details of Guns N’ Roses cancellation is emerging from the Velvet Rope message boards. GNR_BC_2nite writes: “I was down there after the crowds had been dispersed so only saw the aftermath. i spoke with a member of the GNR road crew and received the following information:

-Stage, band(w/o rose), opening act were all fully prepared and ready to go.

-AXL made it to Vancouver on time. He was delayed at customs for 1hr30m when he decided to blow off the show. His private plane then flew home anfter giving the management the bad news.

-Tacoma is a go. [continued…]

-9,000 tickets were sold, likely 1-2,000 more would have shown up(typical in vancouver)

-8,000 people were waiting outside(police estimates given on news show here)

-I have 10 minutes of primo news footage just aired here on BCTV. All of it was uncensored and likley never to be seen again.

-Refunds for the cancelled concert are available on Nov. 14th. Rescheduling seems highly unlikely.

-Stage setup is now likely to have left the building.

-Due to recent border crossing rules, bands now have more difficult time getting into Canada. The paperwork has also changed, meaning unplanned delays may occur.

-I went down to buy a cheap scalper ticket, but went home with money still in my pocket.

-About 40 large pains of glass were broken tonight. The 15 ticketmaster kiosks(will call windows) were completely wrecked. Most of the damage was done with temporary partitions and the small concrete garbage cans. Police arrived 20 minutes after rioting started.

-media members were filming the entire event from the beginning. (were they hoping for this?)

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