Crue Bassist Says Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Stronger Than Ever Again

bassist Nikki Sixx has posted the following message in his online diary: “We’ve done all the major markets in Canada (and America for that matter) and are now playing the smaller towns up here. Halifax was over the top and we’re now in Quebec City for a day off. The only downside to Canada this time of year is it’s colder than hell. I’m sitting here in the hotel reflecting on the last year of touring and I’d say that rock ‘n’ roll is stronger than ever again. I was on the phone with Tom Hamilton today (Aerosmith bass player) and he said there seeing a younger audience too.”

“All’s well out here but I look forward to heading back to L.A. in mid-April for a short break before we start rehearsals for the next album. We have been working on songs out here on the road, but I’m as excited to not have any distractions when were home. There’s been nothing much to photograph in the areas we’ve been in so I’ve haven’t even broken my cameras. Good news is my book (‘The Heroin Diaries’) is 100% finished and now we’re just laying out the design and looking at a October/November release.”

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