Creed Blame ‘Personal Scheduling Conflicts’

Here’s ’s excuse in a letter to fans:

We wanted to personally and sincerely thank all of you for your continued support over the last year and a half. Unfortunately, due to personal scheduling conflicts, we weren’t able to attend the People’s Choice Awards and American Music Awards this year. It’s always an incredibly rewarding and appreciated surprise when we’re acknowledged for what we do. The most important awards to us are the ones that are determined by you, the fans, such as the awards mentioned above.

2002 was an unforeseeably rough year at times but your overwhelming support of the music, the shows and everything we do as a band is what carried us through. We saw almost one million of you over the last twelve months while out on the road, and each and every one of you are what made the Weathered tour the success that it was. In a year that saw our economy in a slump and fans having to be more and more selective of the records and concert tickets that they buy, 2002 proved to us yet again that we have the most supportive and loyal fans that any band could ever wish for.

Again, thank you and we wish all of you a happy 2003 — we’ll see you next year!

Scott, Mark and Scott

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