Craig Mabbitt Departs Blessthefall

checked in with fans on their MySpace blog on Saturday (December 15) with the following update regarding Craig Mabbitt:

Hey everyone!

As some of you may know, and might find this to be a shock, we have parted ways with our vocalist Craig.

He left us mid tour out here in Europe about a week ago to be home with his child growing up and to figure out if pursuing the band thing was something he was still feeling. So, most of you may know, while he has been gone this past week and a half, we have been finishing the tour overseas with Silverstien just us 4 dudes. Since we HATE cancelling shows and we love our fans, we have decided to press on through the situation and still ROCK OUT for all ya. Jared has put down the bass just for now and has stepped it up filling in as the front man. Its been a fun week, the shows have been super intense. You guys out here are some of few that will ever get to see this hahahha.

We have decided it was better for us and better for Craig for him to just stay home and keep his heart with his little girl, who is growing up to be a little cutie, and our hearts out on the road making music together.

We DO NOT plan on throwing in the gloves though. This band was never about one member. Blessthefall was never focused around one person….we are not Dave Matthews or Avril Lavigne…we are BLESSTHEFALL, a group of fun dudes who love to play music and have fun while doing it. If you know us, you know how much we love playing music and being with our fans. I hope you all understand and respect this.

We love our fans to death. You guys are the best fans in music…in fact, our fans are more like family. We might as well call all of you our BTF family. So we need all you BTF family members to stick with us and support us 100% like you have been for the past 1..2…even 3 years if you guys have been crazy enough to be following us that long. We are not going anywhere, and I know that our loving BTF family will still be by our side through whatever stands in our way.

We have new singers in mind, obviously its not Craig, so lets get over that fact, but we have people in mind that are just as good, if not even better. We cant wait to show ya what we have up our sleeves! We are going to do just as we have been planning on doing this next year: Writing the new record while home starting this new year, big tour in Feb/March TBA, recording the new record in April/May and then hopefully Warped Tour again this summer.
So be on the lookout for new songs/details/news. We hope to get some new songs/samples out as soon as we can! Hopefully by the end of January. Cant wait for you to hear the new stuff…its going to ROCK your socks off!

We don’t plan on giving up, thats why we are still out in Europe playing just us 4, we are dedicated to the band and our fans. Its fans like you that keep us going. So we expect you to not give up on us either! BTFfans4LIFE=UNITE!

Well keep ya posted!

Check back next week for the last European Tour Blog too!

With all the love

<3 Matt.Mike.Jared.Eric.BLESSTHEFALL

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13 thoughts on “Craig Mabbitt Departs Blessthefall

  1. Marcus Gautney says:

    How do you feel about Craig joining Escape the Fate? Do you guys support that decision?

  2. Hayley says:

    I feel like Craig is good for Escape the fate. People need to get over the fact that Ronnie’s gone because he screwed up. Craig and Ronnie are both very talented but I think Craig is smarter because he didn’t Fu** up his career with Drugs. And people need to stop Bitching about Craig leaving Blessthefall. Look people, he went to go take care of His Cute Daughter =)

  3. Adrianna vasquez says:

    I think Craig is the best vocalist in the world. I saw him just recently saw him at the house of blues, October 29th. And he was quite amazing. His voice is beautiful, it relaxes me. Ronnie, as also a pretty good singer, but as Hayley said, Ronnie effed up. He lost his chance, and now its Craig’s turn to shine. =]

  4. Rhyan says:

    I honestly like Craig better in Escape The Fate and Beau better in Bless The Fall

  5. jim garcia says:

    It’s Craig that fits all the bands that he gets in, I like the way he gives a soul in what he sings…HANDS DOWN….

  6. martin says:

    Craig is one of the most talented vocalist in the world hands down….but he sure does make poor decisions it was cool that he left BTF for his daughter but he left The Word Alive to continue with ETF and quite frankly they aren’t that good….he should of stayed with TWA….his voice was made for post hardcore not no hard rock Atreyu sounding sh**…..I’m disappointed :[

  7. Kristal says:

    Why did Craig move to Escape the Fate? I do like Beau, but he could have been in another band. I’m still trying to get over the fact that Craig moved to Escape the Fate (obviously). I wish the both of the singers good luck, even though Craig shouldn’t have gone to Escape the Fate.

  8. amber says:

    Craig has an amazing voice no matter where he goes with it. I love Blessthefall AND Escape the Fate. I’m just glad he’s still sharing his beautiful voice.

  9. joko says:

    Craig is a big loss to you guys. but truly Beau became your cornerstone for you to rock our socks off! To Hell And Back was Beautiful the intro lick was crazy!! I and my friends liked it here in the Philippines to listen to your crazy songs!

    Rock On harder guys!! God Bless.
    Joko (Philippines)

  10. pikachuuknown says:

    Ronnie messed up and Craig is the singer so just STFU and let him do WTF he wants

  11. pikachuuknown says:

    Craig is really good and without him their probably wouldn’t be anymore ETF. So please just STFU about him.

  12. Marisabel says:

    haha whoever thinks that Craig is better for ETF is on sum gay sh***! Ronnie made ETF for a reason, to escape his fate! Craig should have just stayed with BTF, he screwed them over big time by leaving the Europe tour but they still kept it going without his jerkface self! And that just blew up in his face because they are blowing up big! And wen Ronnie gets out Craig and Max are in for a hell of a roller coaster!!!!

  13. Sasha Jamie says:

    Craig was so gay in Blessthefall! damn:p
    Craig is the worst singer, he ruined BTF and their new album sucks its all Craig and the songs r boring unlike before, when Ronnie was around. He was the best thing that ever happened to the band.. Craig is trying to be Ronnie and he’ll never be, he’s a poser I can tell you that ;)
    Ronnie forever <3

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