Cradle Of Filth: Studio Report No. 2

Cradle of Filth bassist Dave Pybus has posted the following message on the band’s official web site:

“Hail. Now we are well into week two of the session and I went home this weekend for a two-day break while guitars were started on the tracks me and Adrian had laid down in the first week. The record is sounding great so far. Still working on a couple of arrangements but its only minor ideas. Guitars always make the songs sound so cool, keyboards even better. When the tracking starts to build up on each song and you turn up the speakers it gives you a buzz like no other. Something we just created out of our heads is now this huge monster ready to rip the face off anyone within ear shot. Great! Just the acoustic sound of Adrian’s Tama drum kit is massive. Best I’ve ever heard to be honest.

“It was nice to get away for a short time and it’s always good to get back feeling refreshed. I’ve never been a fan of studios personally. It’s a place where you learn patience. And I mean that’s quite hard for someone as impatient as myself. Hurry up and wait syndrome that is behind the music which most people never see. It’s taken me years to learn and be comfortable being around all the fellow band members everyday and night while expressing music almost every waking hour. It’s like a big responsibility and you look for any-which-way to get the job at hand done, knowing time is money and money is… everything (?).

“Pressure! Being a bit older and more experienced these days I’ve kinda leant to pace myself more and try enjoy our time here. Being in a band with a work ethic is the major key for me. More focus and drive is what inspires me to finish this mad project (OK, it’s no secret, I did quit in a drunken rage while away hehe). Cutting down on drinking also helped, although sharing a room means you spend more time with others, which leads to more sociabilities, usually in the pub. One step forward, two steps back. Accept some things will never change.

“The artwork has now taken a new turn which is quite a surprise but looks amazing. We are lucky to be in a no lose situation with our art guy Matt Lombard because whatever we don’t choose for the cover can always be used on the inner CD booklet. It’s all fu**ing great! Plus he’s very flexible to our ideas and works virtually non-stop to get us what we are looking for almost immediately. As the title suggests the subject matter is beautiful, classic women. Tissue paper at the ready lads!!!”

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