Cradle Of Filth: No More Offensive Myspace Comments Allowed

Cradle of Filth sent out the following bulletin to fans on their Myspace page on Saturday (June 30):

It seems we were not hacked. Myspace deleted much of the content and for some reason; they feel we don’t have the right to know why. Without a reason, we cannot put it right and they have actually put a block on this page, which means nothing can be restored until they allow us to (This includes the music player).

We do know that it’s something to do with possible offensive content.

WE do not make the rules. MYSPACE do and we MUST respect them for that. (And stop blaming Tom, This is nothing to do with him, there are probably hundreds of people who work for myspace that can make choices too)

Therefore, we have made the decision to NOT allow ANY comment that contains offensive language. We mean NO bad words that can offend religion, colour or anything. This is to avoid ANY FURTHER PAGE DELETING. We totally believe in freedom of speech but when it offends innocent people, it does become more serious and until this is resolved, we must be careful.

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