Cradle Of Filth Frontman Comments On R.I. Concert Tragedy

Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth recently spoke to Edge Magazine about the Rhode Island concert tragedy that claimed the lives of 100 fans of . “I think [the Rhode Island nightclub fire] pretty much highlights that at some point or another in a show, something could go very wrong,” he said. “It’s a very rare, and unique experience, but it can happen, so I hope people who run these venues will start thinking about their audience and not the money that they are bringing in from these shows. Without your fans, you are nothing, and if they’re coming to a show and something like that happens, they’re not coming back to see you, whether it be because they died in a fire or just because you struck a nerve of fear that wasn’t intended. I certainly don’t want to sound crass and say that I’m glad something like the fire at that Great White show happened, but I’m glad that now people are aware, venue owners specifically, that they have a responsibility to their patrons to make sure the show stays on the screen, if you will, and doesn’t become a real-life catastrophe.”

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