Cradle Of Filth Bassist Blasts Ozzfest

In a recent interview with, Cradle of Filth bassist Dave Pybus was asked about the group’s participation in last year’s Ozzfest. “The thing about Ozzfest is it’s good in the crowd, playing-wise. But I would never want to do it again,” he admitted. Asked to elaborate, Pybus said, “Personal reasons. I didn’t really want to earn the Osbournes any money while I spend ten weeks dying. We were the only English bands on there and they never once came to our tours. They’re from Birmingham. So it was like ‘Fu** you.’ I’m a normal person. I take things like that kinda personally. The fact that they’re not normal. . . It’s not a bad thing. I mean, they’re traveling with their family. They’ve got sh**loads of money. It’s great for them. But for guys away from his family for 10 weeks, dying, you know, for nothing. You’re not even allowed to have a poster campaign while at the same time as Ozzfest. Not at the stores or anything like that. They control everything. It’s a bit like Nazi Germany. They say, ‘Rock ‘n’ roll this, rock ‘n’ roll that.’ It’s the most sterile environment you could ever go into. I’d rather not do it again if I get a choice. I shouldn’t be doing this interview… That’s what they’re like. That’s what they’re like though, you know? Freedom of expression. And I just said it was a pile of sh** so sorry.” Read the entire interview here.

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