Coverdale Comments On Deep Purple’s ‘Burn’ Reissue

Former Deep Purple and current frontman David Coverdale has commented on the upcoming the 30th Anniversary, remastered edition of Deep Purple’s classic ‘Burn’ album, due on April 14th through EMI Records. Read on for his online message.

“I just received the test pressing of the ‘Burn’ remaster from EMI to review,” Coverdale said. “I’m not sure about the ‘remixes’ they have done with an engineer they chose, but the band sounds KICK-ARSE!!! I was surprised to see they are releasing the album so soon as EMI only asked me last week to write the liner notes for the reissue CD booklet. Oh, well… We shall see… I was quite having fun remembering those days. I never really ‘think’ that far back, and I am always shocked at how much I actually recall once I start thinking about it. There is no doubt in my mind how powerful we were as a band. Just wait ’til you hear it remastered. My assistant and I felt the level was a little ‘soft’, so we are suggesting they CRANK IT UP!!! After all, this is PURPLE we’re talking about!!! I haven’t heard most of the songs for many, many years, so they sound fresh and vital to me. Splendid stuff!!! What an extraordinary time in my life.”

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