Courtney Love’s Mystical Music Box

has posted several songs on her ‘Courtney’s Mystical Music Box’ Myspace player. The site states: “This Music page is officially approved by Courtney Love and the music box will be playing the hottest ‘IT SONGS’ for her fans & everyone else to get turned on and tuned in to…The Visual Layouts will change, and please check back as often for Courtney’s Mystical Music Box will blow you away! Courtney will also be reading comments and checking in on her Mystical Music Box as often as she can. If you are a band that is being profiled on the music player each week, Courtney Love would appreciate a comment from you. Thanks, there are so may unheard of artist out there and here we will get to showcase their amazing talents and give them as much exposure as possible, plus you never know, Courtney may be in the mood to throw in a old school song of hers from time to time!” Audio of ‘Is There A Ghost’, ‘Afterglow’, ‘I Want Your Love’, and ‘So Haunted’ at has since been removed.

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    Thanks you very much.

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