Courtney Love’s 9:30 Club Concert A Disaster

Hole 'Nobody's Daughter'

David Malitz of the Washington Post was on hand for Hole’s concert at the 9:30 Club in DC on Sunday, in a performance he dubbed a disaster from the band’s troubled frontwoman . “It was an astonishingly and agonizingly awful performance that had a few fleeting moments of redeeming musical value,” Malitz writes. “Song titles, lyrics, guitar chords – Love remembered only some of them, and infrequently.”

When Courtney wasn’t messing up her lyrics, being on the receiving end of explitives of the steadily evaporating crowd, doing her encore topless, or rambling about celebrities, she was being filmed on an iPhone by an assistant, who was on stage the entire show. “Not on the side of the stage. Not filming a few songs. The entire show, onstage, often directly in front of Love,” Malitz clarified. “The singer naturally played to the camera more than her fans. She preened, she constantly sang in its direction, she looked like she was trying to seduce it.” Read more.

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