Courtney Love Spat Shatters Aguilera & Perry Friendship

In ’s usual gibberish posting style, the recently jailed for drug use singer posted an update on working with Linda Perry, and how Perry had a falling out with Christina Aguilera when her manager told Perry that Love was a “loser” and a “druggo”. Love writes [translated], “I love Linda. She is the type of person who saves you when you feel like jumping. When Aguilera’s manager called her to tell her I was a loser and I can’t write and im a druggo and etc. she told him to go to hell and take Christina with her- and she meant it. Christina went to assert her sheer genius and I recall the quote, ‘Find her Courtney Love side’ and we get…. ‘Dirrty’?” Love also weighed in on the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez marital troubles. She wrote [again translated], “I love poor Affleck but he’s reminding me more and more of Sammy Davis. J.Lo is going to get the classist idiotic benefit of how to catch the jokes on Mr. Show – and why KingPin is a masterpiece. She’ll have mastered caucasion fanzine Kevin Smith irony- and Ben will just be- I’ll stilll like him but man… I gotta shut my trap on the stuff because I’m speaking as a tabloid reader.”

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