Courtney Love Shows No Love For Ex Trent Reznor

Globe magazine reports Hole singer still has a bad taste in her mouth after her relationship with singer Trent Reznor ended years ago. She was spotted shopping at a cosmetics store in Los Angeles when one of NIN’s songs – ‘The Great Collapse’, came on the radio. Courtney stormed up to the salesperson at the store and demanded, “Will someone PLEASE turn this crap off?”

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2 thoughts on “Courtney Love Shows No Love For Ex Trent Reznor

  1. Rhianna says:

    Courtney Love needs to just, dissapear.

  2. trent reznor = sexy ARTIST says:

    lol I totally agree with Rihanna
    I love Trent Reznor all his music is art. All his albums have significance I hear new exciting sounds every time I listen to one on Nine Inch Nails songs and it just makes me centered. I don’t know what I would do without NIN.
    Trent is amazing <3 Love!
    p.s Court, you are a low life get over it!

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