Courtney Love Recording Last Album… With Hole?

Dirty Harry of Nylon TV went to ’s home, talking with the singer about her new album, how she “literally gets crucified every day” which she blames to sexism, and her plans to exit music after this album in favor of apparel and television production. As for Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter she shares with late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, Love said, “I have a teenage daughter now, so it’s really, really crucial that I have a great home life and she’s so beautiful, she’s so vulnerable and was born very famous. She’d have to step over my dead body to get into the music industry, but I don’t think she wants to anyway. If anything she’ll act, she’ll direct… I think she’ll end up running Hollywood, and she’s got my sh** list, so that’s awesome.”

At one point in the clip, a man is seen running through Courtney’s house, who is identified only as “member of the new Hole”, suggesting the new album will be the first release from the band since 1998’s ‘Celebrity Skin’ (though no indication if any of Courtney’s prior bandmates will be part of the project). Watch the interview below.

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