Courtney Love Profiled In Entertainment Weekly

was profiled in the new Entertainment Weekly where she talked about her friend and director, Cameron Crowe. Courtney said, “‘I love him so much. But he’s got to say hi to the last fu**ing waiter. He’s like Cruise that way. He’s got to make every single person feel important. I have so many friends like that — Drew [Barrymore] — and they just exhaust me. I mean, I’m a rock star: I was here, I was gracious, I was nice, I ate the potatoes — love you, babe, let’s go! Not to be selfish or nasty, but to have to stay and make sure everybody likes you is like running for office. Russell [Crowe] doesn’t have to do it. Mick Jagger doesn’t have to do it. And goddamn it, I don’t have to do it.” Read more.

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