Courtney Love Praises Her Dentist Despite $185,000 Bill

get quite defensive when asked about the $185,000 she spent to fix up her teeth, done by Dr. Ronald Goldstien. Courtney wrote (translated): “It’s INSANE but it was worth it – clean teeth no cavities – and when I saw the x-ray of my jaw, my overbite was sooooo fu**ing massive it was like bucky buck. Why did my fairly boujie mommy not give any og her kids braces.” She added, “All I know is I’m not ashamed to smile anymore. Maybe it changed my face some, I don’t really think so- I feel prettier and nicer because I never could smile without feeling ugly. So Ronald Goldstien – genius dentist. He didn’t fu**ing cut a piece off my FACE, he fixed my fu**ing TEETH. Does anyone have any understanding of that concept? No, we all got braces here, right? Well, your fu**ing lucky – I ground my teeth into little icky things from teeth grinding and an overbite that was horrific. I can smile now and PEOPLE ARE NICER TO ME. I like when people are nice to me – do you?”

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