Courtney Love Lashes Out At Wallace And Halperin

is lashing out at a book that alleges she may have had a hand in the death of her husband, rocker Kurt Cobain, in 1994. Max Wallace and Ian Halperin, authors of ‘Love & Death,’ have “opportunistically used the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death to promote their ongoing campaign of greed and exploitation of what remains an unbearable tragedy for us all,” Love told The New York Daily News. The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

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One thought on “Courtney Love Lashes Out At Wallace And Halperin

  1. Love-hater says:

    Oh, come on. Everyone knows she killed him or at least had a hand in killing him. Go to a crazy doctor Love and start taking medication daily – oh wait, I forgot, you’re already doing that you fu**ing crack whore. GO ROT IN A DITCH AND DO US ALL A FAVOR!

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