Courtney Love Backstage At Wiltern LA Show

played a very short set (50mins) at The Wiltern on Saturday Oct. 30th. After the quick set, she spent about 2 hours hanging around the backstage (greenroom) area being escorted by a very out of shape black gentleman. I noticed that her all-female band “Chelsea” was sopping up compliments from their ass kissing posses most of the evening. Other then that, there was a few leather type lesbians who were putting on a little sex show in one of the dressing rooms. Was laughable. The main partyroom included beer, water, coldcuts and crackers. Pretty impressive spread for a Love hang area. I witnessed a few hardcore fans eating cheese while smoking Marlboro reds at the same time. To my surprise, I actually was able to fit 4 beers in my sportsjacket that evening. I must remember to wear that jacket to all backstage hangs! I did manage to get her to sign a poster for a friend of mine. Courtney was very kind and considerate of all of her FANS. Nice young lady. She is truly Americas sweetheart!

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