Courtney Love Again Giving Out Too Much Info

was in rare form in a chat with The Mirror’s 3AM girls. Love pulled out a pair of size 12 Marks and Spencer French knickers out of her bag and said, “Wear these on your head. I bought them for £6.” She shockingly added, “Marks are fantastic for underwear – they’re the best. Go ahead, try them on. I swear they’re fresh.” Then she sniffed her panties and added, “I lost my virginity in the London Columbia Hotel 20 years ago. Wait till you get to my age. I tell you, I’m proud I can still remember it! My friend and I got smashed there the other night. It brought back so many memories.”

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One thought on “Courtney Love Again Giving Out Too Much Info

  1. Rachael says:

    I have known Court for many years . Shes the one who taught us all what not to be… Once again she is still teaching . Put the Xanax down Court and just jump.

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