Coupla Questions With Amy Lee caught up with mainwoman Amy Lee for a Coupla Questions, where she talked about her expectations on the band’s sophomore release. “I feel like my expectations were going to be for the outcome of the music,” she said. “That’s already done, so I feel completely accomplished! I had tons of huge expectations for myself. I wanted to do things bigger and better and more emotional and more personal and more intimate than anything I’ve ever done. I wanted to do something better than ‘Fallen’. I don’t think that’s hard. To try to top record sales is stupid and impossible because if you’re trying to be an artist and your only goal is money, then you’re never going to come up with a good piece of art. I was really just concentrating on music and all the things I wanted to try, and all the ways I wanted to branch out and incorporate different sounds into our music and different instruments, and more personal lyrics. To me, I really feel that I’ve accomplished everything I wanted to, and I feel satisfied. What everyone else expects, I don’t know! We’ll see. I’m sure that they can’t possibly expect what’s coming.”

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