Corey Taylor Says Stone Sour Isn’t Like Slipknot

Joe D’Angelo of MTV News spoke with Corey Taylor of who insisted his other band isn’t a sound-alike of Slipknot. “As soon as this mask comes off, it’s not Slipknot anymore,” Taylor said. “If you’re in a band, why do another band that sounds the same as the other band? Branch out and do something different. There are things in this band that I can’t do in Slipknot. And if I can’t do them, I’ll lose my mind.” Read more.

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One thought on “Corey Taylor Says Stone Sour Isn’t Like Slipknot

  1. Dustin Stafford says:

    No Slipknot must stay if it wasn’t for Slipknot then I would not be interested in music or in life itself
    it’s not about being cool its about the music that makes the band something.

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