Corey Taylor And Clown Discuss Slipknot Tour, Album

’s Corey Taylor and Clown visited Fuse’s ‘No.1 Countdown’, talking about their current tour, their album ‘All Hope Is Gone’ getting to #1, ten years of work paying off, how 10 years on the success has been surreal for them, and the decision to tour with Coheed and Cambria. “In the past, we were kind of hooked up with different bands and whatnot, but our whole vision has always been to put together a tour like we’ve been going to. It wasn’t just a bunch of cookie cutter bands, from the same genre, and you couldn’t tell who was on stage. You didn’t know who was playing, because it all sounded the same. For us, it was more important to put together something that represented us as a band and represented how ecclectic our tastes are and how we feel about our fans. The respect that we have for our fans.”

The interview video at has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Corey Taylor And Clown Discuss Slipknot Tour, Album

  1. Sasho says:

    Slipknot went soft… bottom line

  2. Steven says:

    Slipknot didn’t go soft. they are as awesome as ever. I am going to see them on the 10th of March, my first concert. I’m hoping it will be most awesome. I’m glad they picked Coheed, they are another band I like very much, and I have also heard good things about Trivium. ROCK ON

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