Conservative Paper Finds Pearl Jam Less Than Sparkling

Scott Galupo of the conservative Washington Times reviewed the show on Tuesday night at Nissan Pavilion, and not surprisingly couldn’t get past frontman Eddie Vedder’s politics, which skew the opposite direction of the paper. Galupo says that during the outro to ‘Daughter,’ the band improvised one of the thematic mantras from Pink Floyd’s concept album ‘The Wall’ — “We don’t need no education / We don’t need no thought control.” Then: “Hey, Rumsfeld, leave them kids alone.” Galupo responded, “I don’t know which kids Mr. Vedder was referring to, but I sure hope it wasn’t the roughly 150 children freed by U.S. Marines from a Baghdad prison in April.” He later sneered, “The problem with Pearl Jam is that the band hasn’t written a really memorable song in almost 10 years.” has since removed the article.

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