Commercial Radio Is Not Nick Oliveri’s Thing

Jeff Niesel of the Cleveland Free Times chatted with Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri, who talked about the group’s goof on commercialism in a few tracks on their new album ‘Songs for the Deaf’. “Ahhh, man, commercial radio’s not my thing,” Oliveri says. “But I dig it. Those tiny commercials that we only play for two to three seconds are actually songs and jingles we wrote for radio spots. We’re gonna do an album of B-sides and release them. We were just making fun of ourselves. How funny would it be if every time you changed the station, it was Queens of the Stone Age? We thought it’d be hilarious, dude. We’re not a radio-driven band and probably never will be, and that’s not a problem. We thought it’d be fun to make fun of ourselves and take the piss out of ourselves a little bit. It’s not a direct hit against anybody but ourselves.” has since removed the article.

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