Coldplay Had Initial Troubles Recording New Album

went into the studio to work on their latest effort ‘X&Y’ less than two weeks after the end of their tour and were still, according to Jonny Buckland, a bit too high on the fumes of their own awesomeness. “You get off tour and you think you’re the greatest band ever because you’ve just been playing the same thing over and over, so you’re really good at it,” the guitarist tells Newsweek. “And then you go into the studio, still thinking you’re the greatest ever. So you think—or at least I certainly thought that everything I was writing was great. Then you play it back and you slowly realize, ‘Actually, that’s… that’s not very good’.” After a break to recharge, the guys gathered in a dingy north London rehearsal space, where they spent weeks jamming until things started to click. has since removed the article.

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