Coldplay Doesn’t Mind Chris Getting All The Attention caught up with frontman Chris Martin and asked him if his bandmates are very resentful that he’s the one getting all of the attention. “To be honest, we were just in a magazine in Britain called Q and it was just me on the cover, and they didn’t tell us this was going to happen,” he explained, “But none of us really mind. I don’t know, I think all singers have a desire to be in the spotlight, and not many bass players do. I think that everyone but singers knows that fame is utter nonsense from a very early age, whereas it takes singers a few more years to realize this. So sometimes it really annoys us when they say it’s just him or just me, but when a car comes toward you, all you see is the front of the car, that’s how it is with bands. There’s always a front figure and a front face, but there’s also the engine and the seats and the things that hang from the mirrors, all the little details that you never see when it comes past you. People that know us properly know that we would be lost without any one of the four of us–the five of us, really.”

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