Cobain Revealed He’s ‘Not A Junkie’ & ‘Not Gay’

In the October 28 issue (on newsstands Monday, October 21), Newsweek publishes an exclusive excerpt of the Kurt Cobain Diaries. ‘Journals’ looks at the private dreams and despair of the late frontman. In one excerpt, Cobain reveals, “Well for those of you who are concerned with my present physical and mental state. I am not a junkie. I am not gay, although I wish I were, just to piss off homophobes. I’ve had a rather unconclusive and uncomfortable stomach condition for the past 3 years which by the way is not related to stress which also means it is not an ulcer. Because there is no pattern to the burning, nauseaus pain in my upper abdominal cavity, I never know when it will happen, I can be at home in the most relaxed atmosphere sipping natural spring water, no stress, no fuss and then WHAM! like a shotgun: stomach time.” Read more.

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