Cobain Book Author Interviewed’s Dori Monson talked to the author of ‘Heavier than Heaven, The Definitive Biography of Kurt Cobain’, Charles Cross. They mentioned the court controversy in the news this week about who runs the LLC. They have a lot more in common than they do apart since both lost Kurt, so he was frustrated by all the nasty comments in the lawsuit, which itself was just a technical issue as to who controls the LLC. He said he wanted it to come to an end so they can get this music released. Cross added ‘You Know You’re Right’ is one of the top 4 songs Kurt ever wrote in his opinion. His initial interest in Kurt was from a historical figure perspective, not because he was a huge fan of his music.

Cross said the story of Kurt was basically a moral story of be careful of what you wish for. Kurt got everything he dreamed of but he still wasn’t happy. Dori said he had no respect for him after reading the book. Dori said it seemed to him Kurt always used his bad childhood as a crutch so people would pity him and that he’s heard a lot worse tales from other people’s childhood problems. Cross said he never got the sense he was looking for pity but admitted he did whine a lot. Cross said his pity was mostly directed at the fact that he hated himself.

Cross wondered if there was really anything that could have been done to save Kurt. Do you lock him up and for how long? What do you do with someone that has suicidal thoughts? They then talked about how Kurt lied about what his first concert was since it was actually a Quarterflash show and didn’t fit his punk image. Cross then talked about what a big fan he was of Bruce Springsteen before they ended the interview, where Monson highly recommended the book.

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