Clubs Are An Accident Waiting To Happen

Rob Jones of weighed in on the tragic club fire in Rhode Island during a concert that led to nearly 100 deaths last month. Jones said, “Having seen the ‘state’ of many of these venues I can tell you, many of them are ‘accidents waiting to happen’. Bad/Exposed electrical wiring, improper care and disregard for equipment, old outdated equipment, wall covering and soundproofing adhered to walls (right next to hot lights and live wires of course) that is so old and dried out, it’s nothing more than a matchstick waiting to be ignited and lots more. Why? Club owners simply don’t want to spend the money. Especially if no one forces them to. Fire Marshal enforcement can only do so much and often times, advance inspection notice is given, and things are ‘changed’ to accommodate a ‘passing grade’, and changed back after inspection.” Read more.

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