Claudio Sanchez: Don’t Read Motley Crue Biography

Dave Kargol of Get Real Detroit caught up with Claudio Sanchez, the massive-haired frontman of New York prog-poppers Coheed and Cambria, who just got done touring with AFI and asked how the stint went. “The guys in AFI are a bunch of nice dudes,” he said. “It’s just unfortunate that the tour had to end early because Davy [Havok] had problems with his vocal chords. But those things happen, and I’ve been known to cancel bunches of shows due to throat problems. But I love going into situations with new friends and I hope that guy gets better.” He also had advice for up and coming bands: “We’re not really known for being a crazy and wild band. But if there’s any advice I can give to any band it’s don’t read that Motley Crue biography. Because once you read that then you start to fall into the realms of wanting to reenact all of those things.”

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