Cinderella’s Brittingham Says Pamela Snubbed Him

Cinderella bass player Eric Brittingham did a 20 questions with where they asked about the then unknown Pamela Anderson who appeared on their video for ‘Shelter Me’ in 1990, and whether anyone in the group managed to hook up with her. “I remember trying to talk to her (just being friendly) and she totally snubbed me,” he revealed. “At the time, I thought she was either stuck on herself or just a bitch. I guess, in all fairness, she was probably used to guys trying to hit on her and was just being defensive. She was dating Scott Baio at the time and he was there, watching her like a hawk. I thought it was kind of funny. Another interesting thing was, dropped by for a while and I remember him asking Fred who she was. I bet he probably doesn’t even remember. Anyhow, nobody even tried to hook up with her.” The transcript at has since been removed.

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