Chris Pierson’s Thoughts After ‘Rock Star’ Ouster

Chris Pierson leaves ‘Rock Star: Supernova’ having learned valuable lessons. The singer spoke about his experience on the show, and his belief Zayra Alvarez was going to get the boot instead of him, in a segment at (the video has since been removed).

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One thought on “Chris Pierson’s Thoughts After ‘Rock Star’ Ouster

  1. Roe says:

    In the 3 years since RSSN Chris Pierson has released an EP “The Height Of Paranoia”, completed 2 tours in the Midwest. He has a new band Brother Grey, and is releasing his 1st full length album “Boddahisttiva” set for Christmas. A tour will follow the beginning of 2010. This album is sure to turn heads and promises to live up to Chris’s high standards. Get ready because Brother Grey is coming!

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