Chris Martin’s Ex Tells Of Terrible Kissing Geek

The Sun reports student Emma Holland, who dated singer Chris Martin when he was a “geek” with dental braces, says he was a terrible kisser — and she once refused his advances by pretending to be asleep. “We were sitting drinking when he pressed his mouth to mine,” Holland explained. “My teeth clashed with his braces. He threw his arms around me and we rolled on to the floor. Chris said, ‘I call it my commando roll,’ and I burst out laughing. A week later I was in bed when there was a knock on my door. I didn’t answer it but Chris came in, sat on the edge of my bed and stroked my cheek. You’re amazing,’ he whispered. I pretended to be asleep until he finally left.”

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One thought on “Chris Martin’s Ex Tells Of Terrible Kissing Geek

  1. Jinafer Walls says:

    How cute! I think Chris is a brilliant singer. A very talented person. Any one is very lucky to be with him.

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