Chris Martin Invites Gwyneth To Zimbabwe

The Sun reports frontman Chris Martin has invited girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow with him to visit Zimbabwe. He wants her with him on a trip to see his aunt Anna, who lives in the capital Harare. The still undecided Paltrow fears that the African country’s controversial president, Robert Mugabe, could use her as a propaganda coup. A source told said, “Anna is very excited at the prospect of a visit.”

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3 thoughts on “Chris Martin Invites Gwyneth To Zimbabwe

  1. danai says:

    Chris Martin shoud so come to Zim!!!!!!

  2. tap says:

    Chris Martin is more than welcome here but leave you stupid church ideologies behind, DUDE!!

  3. farai says:

    That would be awesome!!!!!!…he is one of the best artist of all times..he must perform Yellow and Trouble in Harare Gardens…I liked Chris before I even knew he his Roots in Zimbabwe..

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