Chris Machmuller Explains The (ne)

Ladyfinger (ne) vocalist/guitarist Chris Machmuller took part in a Q&A with, where he was asked about the (ne) revision to the Omaha band’s name. “Yeah. Right before the album was being released, just on a whim, we checked the trademark registry and yeah, there was a band that had already trademarked Ladyfinger,” he said. “We approached them and tried to talk to them about it and to make a long story short they ended up wanting to get us for quite a large sum of money.” Asked if the (ne) meant Nebraska, Machmuller responded, “We just picked, in our opinion, the least offensive way to change the name visually. A lower case ne could stand for Nebraska but we’ve put it in a way which kind of suggests that you don’t necessarily have to say it [laughs].” The transcript at has since been removed.

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