Chris Daughtry Lacked Broad Appeal For ‘Idol’ Viewers

John Podhoretz of The New York Post offered his explanation as to why Chris was voted off ‘American Idol’ on Wednesday night. “He has a distinctive voice and distinctive appeal,” Podhoretz said of Daughtry. “The problem is that he never broadened his base very much. If you liked him from the start, you stayed with him – which is why he remained solidly among the top contenders through most of the show’s run. But if you didn’t much like his sound when there were still 9 contestants remaining, you weren’t suddenly going to decide you liked his sound when there were only 4 remaining. The key to winning ‘American Idol’ isn’t being overwhelmingly popular in the early stages. The key is having a sound that makes it possible for you to pick up votes from people whose favorites have gotten booted off the show. Because if you don’t get those votes, somebody else is going to get them.” The full article at has since been removed.

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