Chris Cornell Weighs Pros And Cons Of Band Vs. Solo

Chris Cornell in the Soundgarden 'Outshined' music video

spoke with the Post Star of Glens Falls, New York in a brief Q&A, where the former Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman was asked if it was it better to be in a band or working as a solo artist.

“Well, it’s just a different way, I suppose, of being in a band,” Cornell responded. “In a sense, they’re titles. I think every group has its own infrastructure. I also think it’s a noble thing to attempt to have a democratic sort of band. Soundgarden’s way of working was the best it could possibly work. It was democratic with the exception of, if someone was really passionate about something, they would win. Even if it was three against one. If the one was over the top convinced that their way was the way to go, the other three would always cave in. It didn’t matter which one it was or what it was about. The rest of the time it would just be a democratic scenario, and that seemed to work well. The problem is that when it comes to musical expression, sometimes the process of communicating and voting on it and discussing it creates a situation where it’s already too late. So, for me, it’s the balance and decision that you have to make between being in a situation where music is being created that I couldn’t make on my own – thanks to the different personalities that are there – but giving up the things I could write spontaneously, not just in terms of song writing and recording but everything.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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