Chris Cornell Performs ‘When I’m Down’ At The Troubadour Club

performed ‘When I’m Down’, from his album ‘Euphoria Morning’, at the historic Troubadour club on January 29th in Los Angeles. “This next song was written to be performed this way,” the Soundgarden singer says introducing the song. “And it was never done because once I started recording it, it seemed a little weird. Soundgarden had just ended. It was the first solo thing I did. It was like okay, I’ll be singing this song to a piano, so we didn’t really do it that way. But this is the way it was supposed to be done.” Watch it via his YouTube channel below.

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One thought on “Chris Cornell Performs ‘When I’m Down’ At The Troubadour Club

  1. Dixon says:

    Beautiful song by an incredible singer.

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