Chris Cornell Performs ‘Songbook’ Tracks, Discusses New Soundgarden Album

Chris Cornell Walmart Soundcheck black and white photo

To celebrate the release of his new album ‘Songbook’, singer did an intimate song-set on Walmart Soundcheck, including performances of ‘As Hope and Promise Fade’, ‘Scar On The Sky’, ‘Can’t Change Me’, ‘Cleaning My Gun’, ‘All Night Thing’.

During an interview, the 47-year-old talked about the story behind the album title, weeding through his live performances to select which ones would make it to the album, having the idea to do an acoustic album for a long time, incorporating a turntable into the acoustic set, and the status of Soundgarden.

“Soundgarden has been writing and recording for a new album starting I guess about 8 months ago,” Cornell said. “We’re kind of in the final stages really. We’re just finishing up a couple of songs, a little bit more to do, and mixing, and narrowing down what we want to release and that’s it. And it’s been great, Soundgarden production with co-producer Adam Kasper that worked with us on our last album. Everybody’s in there all the time and it just feels like in a sense we’re picking up where we left off, with the exception that there’s a feeling of freshness because we’ve had 14 years off or so, but if feels more like 5 for me.”

The performances and interview can be viewed at Check out a few more photos from his appearance after the cut.

Chris Cornell signs his autograph during Walmart Soundcheck appearance
Chris Cornell visits Walmart Soundcheck

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