Chris Carrabba Calls ‘Emo’ A Misnomer

Shannon McCarthy of Get Real Detroit spoke with Chris Carrabba, aka on being labeled as ’emo’ and whether he hates it like everyone else seems to. Chris said,”I just think it’s a silly misnomer. I’m a singer/songwriter; I’ve been lumped into that when it’s convenient. Essentially, I play rock. I don’t know if I’m defensive about it. I think getting angry about it is just as bad as embracing it. I just play music I like. I hate to say it, but I just can’t figure out how The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World and Sunny Day Real Estate can be the same kind of music. I just don’t get it. They sound completely different to me. They’re looking for a grunge, and they’re trying to make that the grunge.” has since removed the article.

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