‘Chinese Democracy’ Is A ‘Pretty Intense Musical Journey’

Launch.com spoke with Guns N’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed and bassist Tommy Stinson about the group’s long awaited new album, ‘Chinese Democracy’. Reed says fans should be pleased with the new album. “It’s a pretty intense musical journey, really,” Reed says. “Everyone that is in the band, or was in the band at some point–’cause there, you know, there’s been a few guys who have come and gone even since the old band–has contributed, and because of that I think it really takes you to some interesting musical places. When you add Axl and guitars, of course, though, it kinda glues it all together. There’s something for everybody, but I think if you’re a Guns fan, if you’re an Axl fan, you’ll like it all. You’ll love it all.”

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