Cherri Bomb Debut Album ‘This Is The End Of Control’ Out May 15th

Cherri Bomb band

All female, teenage rock band are exploding on to the scene with their upcoming debut album, ‘This Is The End Of Control’. The Los Angeles based group (managed by ex-Hole drummer Samantha Maloney) are making the album track, ‘Raw. Real.’ available for free download via below (since removed).

Cherri Bomb recently unveiled the track listing for the album (below), which will be available May 15th on Hollywood Records. In support of the release – and with many performances at major festivals across Europe and Australia already on their resume – the band will be heading to Asbury Park, New Jersey on May 19th to play The Bamboozle Festival alongside Foo Fighters, Blink 182, and Bon Jovi.

Cherri Bomb 'This Is The End Of Control'

‘This Is The End Of Control’ Track Listing:
1. Take This Now
2. Better This Way
3. Raw. Real.
4. Shake The Ground
5. Too Many Faces
6. Let It Go
7. Sacrificial Lamb
8. Act The Part
9. Drawing A Blank
10. Heart Is A Hole
11. Paper Doll
12. Hold On

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2 thoughts on “Cherri Bomb Debut Album ‘This Is The End Of Control’ Out May 15th

  1. Joe Know-It-All says:

    The album is actually called, “This Is The End of Control”.

  2. rockdirt says:

    Thanks Joe. Fixed

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