Cherone Throws His Name In Sammy & Dave Tour Ring

Jon Zahlaway of spoke with former Van Halen frontman and current Tribe of Judah singer Gary Cherone about whether he had an interest in being on the tour announced yesterday. Cherone said, “I would want that more than anybody. The rumor came back to me that Tribe of Judah was mentioned, so I called some of the people that I know … and one of ’em was Sammy. He was up for it. Whether we do it or not remains to be seen. The politics of it … well, you never know what goes on behind closed doors. I called Sammy and I threw my hat in the ring, so they know that I’m available if they decide to do it. The novelty is Sam and Dave, and I think the fans will come out to see it … but whether it lasts a week or two months is anybody’s guess.”

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