Cherone Explains Why Van Cherone Didn’t Work

Chart Attack spoke with Gary Cherone about his gigantic failure as a Van Halen frontman, which he hopes to recover from with a new band, Tribe Of Judah, and a new record, called ‘Exit Elvis’. Cherone explained why the VH project failed saying he and Eddie Van Halen got along too well. “What was great about the Van Halen thing — which in hindsight probably led to why it wasn’t a successful record — it was that me and Eddie hit it off and we were writing and we really didn’t write a Van Halen record,” Cherone says. “It was just like when Sammy joined the band, it became the new Van Halen. And that was pure; the art of that was pure. I think we ran into trouble when the record was done and it wasn’t the preconceived Van Halen record that everybody thought was going to happen.” has since removed the article.

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