Chavez Says Korn Comparisons Don’t Drive Him Batty

Dave DiMartino of spoke with Adema frontman Mark “Marky” Chavez and drummer Kris Kohls and asked the group about comparisons to . Mark, half-brother to Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, responded, “It really doesn’t drive me batty, because I knew what I was getting myself into. When searching for record deals, I never threw names around or tossed names around, because I wanted to get stuff on my own merit. I mean, we’re half-brothers, so we have different last names–so people never knew. Once I got signed, the rumor spread around pretty quickly. You know, people want to focus in on that, ’cause it gives them something to write about and talk about. As far as being offended by that, not at all–Korn is a great band that changed the way music can be done, and I’m just trying to get mine. So in comparison to that, I’m happy with the way things are going with my career, and that stuff will go away once we start to sell records.”

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